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Just The Basics

Job SearchAn individually and uniquely crafted resume employing "key words" designed to match the position or field you are seeking. 

Resume clients span the realm of career opportunities from recent college graduate to experienced senior executive. Rates are based upon amount of detail required to craft this important marketing tool to meet your job search needs. (NOTE: There may be an additional charge for clients requiring 24 hour turnaround.) 

Please contact Brenda at Robust Resumes and Resources for a firm quotation. The process is easy: simply mail your existing resume (in Word format) to the email below. Please ensure your resume &/or email includes a current phone number. 

Email: brenda@robustresumesandresources.com

PortfolioSupplemental Documentation 

Other critical documents in the job application and selection process are the Cover Letter, Thank You Letter and Reference Page. 

  • Cover Letter: This often overlooked or under-valued document represents the first impression an employer or Recruiter gets of you. A poorly written document can eliminate the applicant from further consideration. A well written and enticing cover letter, however, leaves the reader "wanting to know more" about the candidate, stirring desire to read the résumé and, ultimately, generate an interview request. 
  • Thank You Letter: Common courtesy goes a long way in making you stand out among the other candidates. This last and simple step helps to "close the deal" by reiterating your value to the employer while proving your interest, sincerity and commitment in the position and the company.
  • Reference Page: Never include references within the resume document. This page should be consistent with the same branding "look" of the resume, cover letter, and thank you letter, be readily available and supplied when requested.
  • LinkedIn Profile:  Not many people take the time, or even know how, to maximize their LinkedIn profile yet studies show over 94% of recruiters visit your online profile during the hiring process. I will draft content that expresses your personality, highlights your career journey and accomplishments, complements your resume, and boosts your profile visibility.

Any of these documents can be purchased separately or as part of a resume package. Discount pricing is available when ordered as part of a resume package. 

Resume Clinic

Available for business clients prepared to assist laid off workers in their career transition process. Your employees receive instruction on the latest advances in resume creation and submission, design their "Value Proposition" and receive an individual assessment of their current resume and suggested improvements. This clinic is generally 2 hours in duration and available for up to 12 people per session but can be customized to meet your specific needs. Every attendee can then tap into the guidance and support available from Robust Resumes and Resources...from the day of the course, onwards. 


Need help writing a business document such as a biography, marketing material or a Request for Proposal response? These are just a few of the other creative writing services available. 

Call or email for further information on any of the above services.

Phone: 705-429-4073 | Email: brenda@robustresumesandresoucres.com 

Prices shown are in Canadian dollars.
Payment required in advance to ensure customer commitment to the process.
Payment terms: Interac e-transfer and PayPal.

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