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Brenda Collard-MillsBrenda Collard-Mills, Owner of Robust Resumes and Resources, is the only accredited Certified Resume Strategist and Qualified Administrative Assistant in the Georgian Triangle. This means your resume is written by someone who has taken a certified accreditation course and is trained in strategically crafting a unique and personal resume portfolio.

As a member of Career Professionals of Canada, she is committed to honouring their Code of Ethics including "….to honour commitments to clients and deliver the services and products promised, remaining sensitive to individual client needs…and respecting the privacy of clients".

Brenda works with each client to take their resume to the next level, surpassing the other candidates, by turning the resume into a robust marketing tool to help give a client the competitive edge needed during the job application process. Whether you are just starting out, re-entering the job market, changing careers, striving for career advancement, or you've been impacted by economic downsizing, Brenda can help you achieve your goal, regardless of stature or profession.

Brenda is a member of Career Professionals of Canada, Be A Resume Writer and Career Thought Leaders.

Award Of Excellence 2012Award Of Excellence 2011    

This is Riley, the loyal "Office Assistant" or "O.A." for short.

As O.A., her responsibility is to ensure each client receives "the boss lady's" undivided and uninterrupted attention. She fulfills that role by constantly residing in the office during regular business hours. She fends off interruptions as they happen - usually right at the office door - and advises of client arrivals.

Riley is proud to be the mascot of Robust Resumes and Resources.