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Welcome to Robust Resumes And Resources

"Robust" [roh-buhst, roh-buhst] -adjective

Robust ResumesThe Oxford Canadian Dictionary describes the word Robust as: "strong and sturdy; rich and full-bodied; bold and firm". 

 Is YOUR resume "robust" - does it make a strong statement, is it rich with accomplishments, does it firmly answer the employers' question "Why should I hire you?" If not, you could use the services of Robust Resumes and Resources. 

 A resume is an investment in your future. It is YOUR marketing tool and provides a first impression of YOU to the recruiter. It is a key tool in your job search. Investing in a professionally crafted resume equates to less than 2% of future salary earnings and improves your chance of success by putting you above the competition and helping to open doors to the all-important interview. 

Brenda Collard-Mills, Owner of Robust Resumes and Resources, has been a professional resume writer since 2008 holding the designation Certified Resume Strategist. She works with each client to take their resume to the next level, surpassing the other candidates by turning their resume into a robust marketing tool to help give a client the competitive edge needed during the job application process.


PenWe offer the following services, created especially for YOU!

  • Resume Writing:
    Individually crafted, tailored to suit your needs and qualifications. 
  •  Cover Letters:
    A precise, clear introduction of your qualifications to entice the recruiter to "want to know more". 
  •  Thank You Letters:
    Not many people think about saying thank you; this letter helps you "stand out". 
  •  Reference Pages:
    Follows the same "theme" as determined when crafting the resume. 
  •  Resume Coaching:
    Available for the "do-it-yourself" type. 
  •  Resume Clinics:
    For the business client willing to assist employees in career transition. Succeed in your career endeavours with the help of Robust Resumes and Resources.

Get Started Today!

 PenContact Brenda today for a complimentary review of your current resume and/or a quotation to begin the process of having your resume prepared by a professional Certified Resume Strategist skilled in attention getting resume portfolios.

Telephone: (705) 429-4073, Telefax: (705) 429-1479 or Email: brenda@robustresumesandresources.com